• Childrens Mental Health

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    Good mental health helps children enjoy, engage and benefit in everyday experiences.  It helps them to feel good about themselves and be open to trying and learning new things.  It also better equips children to manage with challenges.  Having good mental health does not mean never feeling worried, sad, frustrated or angry.  It is normal for children to have problems from time to time, and express these feelings. 

    If you are concerned that your child is regularly anxious or distressed, has a sudden change in their behaviour that lasts for more than two weeks or that is hurting them or others, or has problems with sleeping, eating, concentrating or engaging in activities that is impacting on their functioning than it may be a good idea to seek a professional’s help. 

    There is ample evidence that early identification and effective treatment can improve children’s mental health for now and their future.  At Open Horizons Psychology, our child psychologists work with children to feel secure to understand how they are feeling.  We help the child and their family to learn ways with how to manage and consider other factors that may be contributing to a child’s distress.  We will consider other supports and resources that could be beneficial.  We appreciate that families are very important and encourage and support their involvement in treatment.