• Telehealth

  • What is Telehealth?

    We are offering all of our services exclusively through telehealth.

    Telehealth is the delivery of health services using digital media and other forms of telecommunication instead of physical, face-to-face meetings.

    Telehealth uses computers, tablets, telephones, smartphones and other digital devices to facilitate online sessions without having to physically attend a traditional healthcare facility.

    As social distancing measures are implemented by the Australian and Victorian Governments, we are now no longer able to offer face-to-face sessions at the practice. Appointments will either be conducted by a phone call or over a video conferencing program.  Open Horizons Psychology has selected Coviu as its video-conferencing program as it is specifically designed for online health consultations and meets all Australian health privacy requirements. 

    Please scroll down or Click Here for Instructions.

  • Instructions

    How to have sessions via teleconferencing

    When you book an appointment, you will receive an email confirming the date and time of your appointment with a link to your telehealth session. Every appointment booked online with Covui has a unique link which protects security and client confidentiality.

    The day prior to your scheduled appointment you will receive a reminder email of your appointment again with your link to your telehealth session.

    Note: you do not need to download any app or computer program. You can use any device to access your session, i.e., computer, tablet, or smartphone. You only need to be able to access your emails.

    Before Your Session: Prepare Your Space

    Consider creating a comfortable environment for your telehealth session:

    • Quiet room free from disturbance or interruptions (if possible!)
    • Comfortable chair
    • Turn other devices off or on silent to avoid disruption
    • Glass of water, access to tissues

    To Start a Session

    At the time of your appointment, go to your email. Click on the link. You are now connected and sitting in the online waiting room. Your psychologist will connect with you when they are ready to begin.

    At the end of your session: Billing

    • Bulk-billing: If your session is funded via Medicare COVID-19 item number your payment will be processed automatically following your session.
    • Private telehealth: Please call our reception following your appointment to finalize payment.       You can choose to pay by direct debit or credit card.
    • WorkSafe: If your session is funded via WorkSafe your payment will be processed automatically following your session. Please ensure reception has your claim number details. If at any time your claim is rejected you are responsible for payment of the account.

    Please talk with your psychologist if you have any further questions.