• Depression

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    In any one year one million Australian adults experience depression.

    There are different types of depression with varying intensities from mild to severe. 

    A person with depression typically experiences ongoing low mood and/or a loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities. Depressed mood often impacts on thoughts, behaviours and physical wellbeing.  This can include changes in sleep, appetite, concentration, a decrease in energy, feelings of guilt and worthlessness and thoughts of suicide.

    Most people can relate to feeling sad or low in mood.  However, clinical depression differs to regular low mood in its severity and persistence.  If depressed mood continues and is starting to impact on how a person feels about themselves and/or impacts on how they are managing with day-to-day life psychological therapy can be helpful.

    Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), behaviour activation, interpersonal therapy and mindfulness cognitive therapy are recognised as the primary evidence-based psychological therapies for depression.   All these approaches involve focusing on a person’s needs and tailoring therapy to the individual. 

    At Open Horizons Psychology, CBT and mindfulness cognitive therapy are the primary psychological therapies offered to treat depression.  We focus on understanding the individual’s needs and experiences and tailoring therapy to the individual in a genuine and nurturing way.  This may involve:

    • Developing a good understanding of depression including the biological, psychological and social components
    • Understanding the combination of factors that have contributed to the onset of depression
    • Increasing positive behaviours by increasing the number of pleasant activities and positive interactions
    • Understanding how an individual’s experiences and environment impacts on their beliefs
    • Learning to recognise thinking patterns and engage with helpful thoughts and create distance from unhelpful thoughts
    • Developing a lifestyle that promotes healthy well-being